Cosina Hi-Lite DLR with Cosinon Auto MC 2.8/28mm


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Fancy starting to explore analogue SLR photography? We recommend this vintage SLR set !

Ins and outs about this set are mentioned in the product description. Because of the age of this object, we do not provide any type of warranty on the technical and/or optical aspects.

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Cosina Hi-Lite DLR analogue SLR

This is a great set for enthusiastic beginners in analogue SLR-photography! Ready to use.


This fun retro Cosina Hi-Lite DLR camera has probably never, or hardly ever, been used. Only the bottom plate has some very superficial scratches. Apart from that, it looks like new. See pictures.


Film transport good. Shutter release button runs smoothly. The shutter speeds seem accurate by ear. The light meter needs a 1.35V PX625 battery (MRB625) but we haven’t tested it. We do not provide any warranty on the exposure meter. We recommend using a separate light meting system for all of our analogue SLR sets.


The Cosinon Auto MC 2.8/28mm lens is bright and scratch free. Diaphragm works. No fungus. No haze. Cosmetically also almost as new. See pictures. This is a great lens to use.

Other info:


We got this item from a renowned importer and Cosina connoisseur. The camera has been stored under ideal circumstances since the 70’s and is therefor in excellent condition. That makes this wonderful set interesting for both users and collectors.



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