Minolta SRT100X analog SLR set


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Fancy starting to explore analogue SLR photography? We recommend this vintage SLR set !

Ins and outs about this set are mentioned in the product description. Because of the age of this object, we do not provide any type of warranty on the technical and/or optical aspects.

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Minolta SRT100X with 3 lenses

This analogue Minolta SRT100X camera body is in perfect condition. See pictures. All camera functions work as they should.

The set contains the following lenses:

  • MD W-Rokkor 2.8/28mm wide angle lens
  • MD Rokkor 2.0/45mm standard lens
  • Soligor 2.8/135mm telephoto lens

All lenses are in excellent shape and usable. This set is ready to go!

Comes with:

  • Copy of the user’s manual
  • Lens hoods
  • UV filters
  • Lens caps
  • Camera cap
  • 2 Lens pouches



buy retro minolta camerabuy retro minolta cameraMinolta was founded in 1928 in Japan under the nameNichi-Doku Shashinki Shōten, which means ‘Japan-Germany camera store’. From 1934 the name was changed into Minolta, ‘ripening rice fields’. Right from the start, Minolta exchanged knowledge and technology with renowned German brands such as Leica.

The most extraordinary technical innovation by Minolta was the introduction of a well-working auto-focus lens on an SLR-camera in 1985 (the Minolta 7000).

In 2003, Minolta merged with Konica, but in 2006 the production was handed all to Sony. The old auto-focus Minolta lenses can also be used on the Sony SLR-cameras.

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