Rolleiflex 2.8F white face front and logo plate (numbered)


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This set is mint!

This is an original Rollei spare part. The price is per piece.

Our technical Rollei camera parts are meant for Rollei twin-lens camera repair (such as the Rolleiflex/Rollei Magic/Rolleicord). The majority of our spare parts are unused and in very good condition. Some of them might have some discoloration, but the cameras of that time of course suffer from the same. Most of the Rollei twin-lens camera parts were from a former official Rollei repairer.

This set is mint!

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General information about Rollei parts

Rollei has produced thousands of different screws, rings, spacers, gears, springs and other small camera parts over the years! They are all categorized in the original Rollei repair manuals from that period. The serial number shows, to what camera it belongs. Stock is limited!

Please note: Even with the use of catalog numbers, it is still hard to say for sure if you have found the right part. Processing orders for Rollei parts is rather time-consuming.

For those reasons, we do not give refunds for Rollei repair parts. Ordering these parts is at your own risk.