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All photo equipment on our website is secondhand and therefor, every item is unique. We have described our products as well as possible and we paid attention to the cosmetic condition, technical details as well as optical quality. Where needed, we have mentioned particularities, so please make sure to read the product description carefully before placing your order.

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Tips for analog photography:

Fotografica Fair 2022 Dudok Arena March 13!

There is another photo fair coming… The next Fotografica fair will be on sunday march 13, 2022 in the Dudok Arena in Hilversum.   Ben je net begonnen met analoge fotografie? Zoek je een mooie toevoeging aan je vintage cameraverzameling? Ben je professional en op jacht naar goede tweedehands fotoapparatuur..? Op deze…

Why is an aspheric lens better than a regular one?

A normal lens, also called ‘sphere’, has an even convex shape. A downside to this is that it can cause a distortion of the image called spherical aberration: the parallel rays of light that come through the glass do not meet in the same exact focal point, with a faulty image as a result. Giving…

Leica news: A big hit on the auction yet again

Yet again, a Leica camera has been auctioned for over a million euros! Leicavit MP black paint no.2 (Bron: Wat ons betreft weer hét bewijs dat Leica nooit uit de mode raakt! Bekijk ons eigen Leitz assortiment.   Leica camera accessories328 Leica camera body28 Leica M camera7 Leica screw mount camera11 Leica…

Dutch photography fair: Fotografica Hilversum

This year, we will be represented on the photo fair again! NOVEMBER 10, 2019 11:00-16:00 hrs ENTRANCE FEE € 5,- FREE PARKING 500 meters of stalls with photo and film cameras, lenses, accessories, photographs, books and more. BUY and SELL, valuation etc.

What is an extension tube and that are they used for?

An extension ring, also called extension tube, is a macro attachment that is placed between the camera body and the lens. De ring zelf heeft geen glas. Het is dus geen optische lens, zoals bijvoorbeeld een teleconverter, maar puur een verlengstuk.   What does an extension tube do? Een tussenring verlengt…

What is a teleconverter?

What is a teleconverter being used for, and what are the benefits and downsides? Teleconverters, also called extenders or multipliers , extend the focal lenght of your lens. Een converter wordt vaak in het midden tussen de camera en de lens geplaatst. De mate van vergroting kan variëren; meestal ligt dit…

Using a lens hood, is that really necessary or not?

Nowadays, some lenses are standardly offered without a lens hood. So the thing it might not be that important, right? Mis! Een zonnekap is wat ons betreft een onmisbaar onderdeel van je fotografie-uitrusting, zeker wanneer het gaat om analoge camerasets zoals spiegelreflex fotografie combinaties. Waarom een zonnekap gebruiken?   Reason 1 …

Rollei’s charm… and downfall…

Anyone that has ever touched a Rolleiflex will agree with us: what extraordinary craftsmanship, and with such a fabulous design!   Wow, aye? De aantrekkingskracht van Rollei is nog steeds even sterk als in de gloriejaren van dit legendarische cameramerk. Wij krijgen dan ook regelmatig aanvragen van verzamelaars voor…

Using color filters for black and white photography: Why?

Often color filters are offered while buying an analog camera set. But how does that work, when you take black and white pictures?   What effect can a color filter give and which filter is used for what? Rood, oranje en geelfilters Over het algemeen worden deze warme kleuren gebruikt om…