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Tips voor analoog fotograferen:

Why use polarization filter (do’s & don’ts)

When should you use a polarizing filter, and when not? Tips and examples.

Doesburg 2023 Photo Fair: when and info!

The 26th edition of the International Open Air Photography Fair 2023 Doesburg is coming up.

Fotografica photo fair 2023: Sunday march 12, Hilversum

Fotografica fair – Hilversum, Sunday 12 March 2023. Score your analog camera, lens or accessory at the Dutch photo fair.

Where can I have analog cameras repaired?

Addresses in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide for the repair of analogue cameras.

Fotografica Fair 2022 Dudok Arena March 13!

Where and when will the next photo fair take place? Dutch photography fair tips.

Why is an aspheric lens better than a regular one?

A normal lens, also called ‘sphere’, has an even convex shape. A downside to this is that it can cause a distortion of the image called spherical aberration: the parallel rays of light that come through the glass do not meet in the same exact focal point, with a faulty image as a result. Giving…

Leica news: A big hit on the auction yet again

Once in a while a gem appears at auction. And then the price can just become bizarrely high…

Dutch photography fair: Fotografica Hilversum

Where and when will the next photo fair take place? Dutch photography fair tips.

What is an extension tube and how are they used?

An extension tube is often much cheaper than buying a whole new macro lens. But is it worth it?

Is a teleconverter as good as a telephoto lens?

A teleconverter ring is often much cheaper than buying a whole new telephoto lens. But does it work?

Using a lens hood, is that really necessary or not?

Each lens has its own type of lens hood. Why is that, and what happens if you don’t use a lens hood?

Rollei’s charm… and downfall…

How we got thousands of Rollei repair parts and what we found.

Color filters in black and white photography: how?

Which filter should you use for what? An overview of the effects of color on your black and white photos.

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